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Born on the very day that Baby Jessica's parents conceived the very baby that fell down that very well all those years later. Also...Charlie Hodge, formerly one-third of the morning radio trio on The Dudley and Bob Show, has launched his own four-hour midday program featuring his brand of idiosyncratic comedy (complete with impressions of notable local figures George W. Bush, the Whataburger dude, and the Lockhart sausage – yes, he impersonates a sausage) mixed with tried and true rock & roll standards. Hodge was previously anchoring an hourlong noon show by himself but this year has taken on a sidekick, veteran Austin comedian Matt Sadler, who reins Hodge in and keeps his comedy on track. Given the synergy created by this teaming, it's no wonder our readers have pegged Hodge as the best radio chatter in Austin.



Matt has lived in Austin for more than a dozen years (given the stemattady influx of artistic types who move here, this practically makes him a native), and took his first steps into professional joke-telling in Austin. After a number of years of very hard work--honing the performance, steadily writing new material, hitting the road to further develop his craft--he’s now a seasoned pro, with a slew of credits and accomplishments to do Austin proud.

Noel Fisher


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Noel is a longtime former Dudley and Bob intern and current Producer for the Charlie Hodge Hodgecast. He is a recent graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communications and Electronic Media.